Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


     Vipassana Meditation Master, began the “School of Life” Foundation and Knowing Buddha Organization for Buddhism Protection.  The School of Life Foundation has run successfully and is ranked in the best top 5 Dhamma School by Amarin Group magazine. Master Acharavadee also founded Techovipassana Mediation Training School located at Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province. She has wholeheartedly devoted her life working for Buddhism in encouraging Buddhist’s good consciousness to realize decent duties and to protect a morality of respecting dignity of the Buddha and Buddhism from a blasphemy from persons who don’t understand Buddhism.

     Presently her various roles and duties include teaching Dhamma at School of Life  Foundation,  being President of Knowing Buddha Organization for Buddhism protection and providing Dhamma lecture in different venues.  

     Her strong will is fortifying the Buddhism through teaching of Dhamma essence so that people will truly attain Dhamma at core.

Techovipassana Meditation


    This is the mindfulness meditation (or vipassana) practice using the approach in igniting fire element in the body to burn impurities (or kilesa) according to the Buddha teaching , in Pali pronounced as "Atapee Sampchano Satima", which means "Keep persevering, and burning impurities."

     This practice approach had never been known to anyone until in 2007, His Majesty senior Buddhist monk --Somdet Bhuddajarn Toh Bhromarangsee spiritually came to instruct Master Acharavadee Wongsakon mentally through extra sensory perception. After following the instruction, the Master Acharavadee discovered that such approach can truly purify her mind, extirpate all impurities and miraculously bring about a shortcut to enlightenment (Nibbana or Nirvana). Her practice experience story is recorded into a book "Techovipassana ... Open a door to Nibbana".