An opportunity to cultivate fundamental merit for liberation from Karmic deed.

.. Techovipassana Meditation Retreat founded by Master Acharavadee Wongsakon is located at the foothills of Phraputthabat Noi, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province. It takes about one and a half hour driving from Bangkok. The Retreat is a sacred and suitable place surrounded by tranquil landscape. In the meditation course, there are strict rules that meditators are required to follow. Those rules are suitable for serious mind training to reach Lord Buddha’s Dhamma, in line with the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipatthàna). Two types of Anapanasati course are offered: 1 day course; and 3 days/2 nights course. . The Practice Group allows those who are not ready for training at advanced level but virtuous and interested in Anapanasati training. Anapanasati is a practice with the principle of mind concentration so-called “Samatha-Kammathana”. It is a foundation required for practicing Vipassana -- an advanced level of mind training. The result of Anapanasati is not only just for practicing mindfulness but also eradicating impurity out of the mind to some extend. . The practice of mind concentration will help meditators improve their memory and efficiency in learning and working. In Buddhism, practicing meditation is the most considerable merit-making. In addition, it is a great opportunity for students to perfectly observe precepts during the course and cultivate merit for their life. The course is conducted by assistant teachers under the guidance of Master Acharavadee Wongsakon. .

All courses are free of charge.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Course Schedule at Techovipassana Meditation Retreat, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

*** Introduction Course to Anapanasati Meditation (1 day)

11 October 2020 (Sunday) 20 December 2020 (Sunday)

**** Anapanasati Meditation Course (3 days/2 nights)

23-25 October 2020 13-15 November 2020

**** Techovipassana Meditation Course (7 days/6 nights)

5-11 October 2020 28 September - 5 December 2020 (Alumni only) 14-20 December 2020

***Techovipassana Meditation Course (3 days/2 nights) (Alumni only)

31 October - 1 November 2020 20-22 November 2020 11-13 December 2020

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Course Schedule at Sangthamphothiyan Meditation Retreat, Hatyai District, Songkla Province -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

***Anapanasati Meditation (1 day)

25 October 2020 (Sunday) 27 December 2020 (Sunday)

**** Anapanasati Meditation Course (3 days/2 nights)

6-8 November 2020 11-13 December 2020

**** Techovipassana Meditation Course (7 days/6 nights)

4-11 October 2020 15-22 November 2020

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