Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


The story for lay people today is a normal topic that I think they may forget these characteristics in their works. Dhamma isn’t only about meditating in a temple or a meditation retreat but it is about the mind, which is the leader of the body. Good mind will result in correct and appropriate actions that will bring true prosperity.

In any of my works, I always pay attention to details and consider, then consider more.

The more that we are not good at, the more we must consider, not to be perfect but to make the least mistake. However, the result of paying attention and being considerate often bring about perfection.

Perfection does not come from a successful recipe but it is due to the attention to details. The details that those who lack intricacies will not be able to access them.

Perfection is the level of attention to details in “every degree, every angle”. In order to reach that level of intricacy which is a fine level, the mind must not be coarse because a coarse mind will result in a sloppy, halfhearted action, what has been done is done. Whereas the fine mind is the mind that focuses on the flaws of what others do, not a condemnation mind that stirs up troubles. The fine mind looks for one own’s fault, self-questioning, not the thought and action repeated mind, but the considerate mind.

While the tourism industry is facing a huge crisis, the opportunity only comes from retaining customers. However, the service provider, instead, did not care about the opportunities he had. He neglected to perform his duties to the best and did not think carefully of his work. If it’s just to make the food cook properly and you can't do it, how could the business survive?

In addition, the waiters should be able to provide enough factual information. If not, how could the business go on?

Always be someone who cares and ponders in your work as an employee. Even if you cannot be a light for the owner’s business, do not be a stain. And if you can illuminate the business to flourish, it will be your merit that will bring prosperity to the owner in the future. For those who own a business, do not just stay on the tower, come down to examine their activities. The awareness of the management will not make the subordinates negligent in their works and will always improve themselves. In every activity, there should be someone who can be trusted, but not in everything; as a human being who still has defilements and can make mistakes. Thus, always pay attention and consider.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: Selected from Sunday Talk with Master “Consideration” February 21, 2021

Translation: Napassakorn Oveerawong, Krittiya Teerachaichayut, Kittitouch Tavichaichayuth, Supravee Veerapala, Samroeng Thongrong

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