Wrong hope leads to dangerous outcome

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


Those who start to practice meditation to have paranormal experiences as the goal instead of spiritual enlightenment, whether because they believe it's impossible or they're not qualified, they have a wrong focus. This could lead to huge damage to the mind.

In the meditators' mind, impurities (Kilesa) observe their every step; what they're doing, thinking, and hoping to get. Those impurities which are part of our every breath know everything. Whether they're powerful enough to control us depends on our moral strength. If the person's morality is high enough, one will be able to stave off the evil force within the mind, think before doing and restrain oneself. If not, that person will be led to the downward spiral. Therefore, there are constant fights between good and evil within the mind.

Therefore, even those fortunate ones - people with potential to end the cycle of rebirth - can never really reach Nirvana because they could not pass each test. Thus, they're stuck endlessly in the cycle. If they come to practice Dhamma with the wrong focus, they have opened the gaps to be lured by the Kilesa, resulting in them committing bad karma by insulting, offending, and having ungrateful minds towards their supporters and teachers. By focusing only on gaining supernatural powers, their minds stray and don't realize the virtue of gratitude, a crucial virtue found in a truly good person. They become bad Dhamma practitioners because they have the wrong focus.

Do not ever befriend with this kind of people, for only listening to their offensive words against their teachers means you have already joined them in committing a sin.

A good person who readily surrender to the power of bad people

Is not truly good.

It's just a thought that he has some virtues,

Having virtues and being virtuous is different.

Thinking of himself as having virtues is egoistic,

For one not being able to see the bad side of oneself.

While being virtuous is being one with morality

And live by that morality.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: FB Page 5000s ข้ามห้วงมหรรณพ กับอ. อัจฉราวดี วงศ์สกล

Translators: Wisuwat Sutthakorn, Hataichanok Baker, Napassakorn Oveerawong

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