Extremely Significant

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Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


Being resolute and firm is the great power in doing all the good deeds.

Whether it’s doing good deeds for oneself or others, one will usually face with lessons or obstacles which always challenge the firmness. The weak ones will step back lamenting and consoling themselves that they have done enough. However, those being resolute will never give up and stick to what they believe in, although it may lead to them being defamed. When falling down, they will stand up and fight without finding excuses to stop doing what they’ve determined to do. Such people , thus, are ones with Barami (great virtue).

When one is aware that all humans have Karma as clan and heir, having general people with good and bad is considered people without Barami because sacrificing one own happiness for others have not been cultivated as well as not being steady on doing good deeds that need to overcome both physical and mental obstacles.

When we start with having good results, at certain extent, from good deeds. That is being one with faith, precepts, and gratitude. Then, what are we lacking? That would be Barami. Barami is perseverance toward doing virtuous deeds until succeeded. Barami is not stepping back whenever being faced with any test, having determination to pass through all obstacles. Barami, thus, occurred with resolute mind.

Every context in life can teach us everything. No matter how good we were in the past lives, we are still stuck here, no matter how many life times we practiced Vipassana meditation, we are still here, unable to reach the peak because in the past we were not resolute in fulfilling virtuous deeds. Hit it to the points where there are insufficiency or weakness, fix at the right points.

Don't be indirect. Be sincere in fixing oneself. This will lead to a solution so every problem will be solved as well as cultivating Barami.

Being resolute and stable are significant qualities of the world and dhamma.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: Selected from Words from Master’s “Extremely Significant” 4th November, 2020

Translation: Napassakorn Oveerawong

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