“Foundation of Merit” (Part 1)

The foundation of merit is a trait of the mind. It serves as a container collecting the meritorious energy a person has accumulated. For those with small foundation of merit, a small bowl with clear water will appear in the mind to be seen. For those who used to have a lot of merit but the merit energy is almost gone, the huge barrel will appear but in it, the clear water inside has very much been depleted. . The merit foundation of each person is not equal because in each lifetime they’ve been accumulated merits at different level. Some can be seen only a small bowl, some like a glass jug, some with huge foundation of merit will appear as a huge barrel. However, if the foundation of merit is really big, the container could never be seen because it’s too big. For those who have not made any merits, the water in the jug will continually be depleted. This is how the mind translates the symbols to be understood in form of visions. . The Supporting Merit is the state in which the good merit is working as a buffer. That is, when one encounters a difficulty, the positive energy will lessen the hardship or support a certain mission to success. For those who fail to do good, the supporting merits will dissipate. When bad karma catches up on them, there won't be much help to ease the situation. They just have to face full consequences.

“Foundation of Merit” (Please continue to Part 2)

Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon Source: Selected from Word from Master “How important is the foundation of merit?” April 25, 2018

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