“Foundation of Merit” (Part 2)

. Foundation of Merit and the Miracle of Seven Factors of Enlightenment.

Buddha taught that reaching enlightenment requires seven factors as follows:

Sati, or mindfulness Dhamma Vicaya, or the investigation of Dhamma Viriya, or determination to do good deeds Piti, or joy Passaddhi, or mind tranquility Samadhi, or concentration Upekkha, or equanimity to let go of emotional attachment . To become enlightened, we cannot miss any factors because every factor mutually supports one another. Just the lack of joy that we normally give little value to can destroy the bridge to enlightenment due to the leakage of the merit foundation we have accumulated. The leakage results from the lack of Dhamma contemplation. That is, we do not investigate what we should believe, what we should pay attention to, and what we should let go.

The dhamma Buddha categorized is so miraculous that no single word can completely describe. . We cannot give value to the only one factor. At the beginning, we may have to begin one by one or focus on a factor in order to achieve the others. However, every factor must support and complete one another to show the complete outcome of dhamma. . Regarding the Seven Factors of Enlightenment, Buddha said, “We cannot focus only on practicing without observing the precepts. We can have firm faith but we cannot lack dhamma contemplation. We cannot follow Buddha’s teachings without a clear mind. Without joy, dhamma cannot perfectly reveal itself as it is impeded by Five Hindrances. This is the holistic dhamma that uplifts the mind's power simultaneously. . Do preserve the foundation of merit you've made well. Do not let your jar of merit leak. If it leaks, you have to find out why. Which weakness does your mind have? Then close the leakage. Otherwise not only will what you have been persevering for so long give very little returns, but your bad karma will also increase. . Those who have faith in dhamma, are all intelligent and lucky, possess different level of merit foundation and have been waiting for the time to accumulate merits or Barami (perfections) to make it full. Despite having the wisdom, without determination they will be the clever stuck in this prison of Samsara. Their souls are trapped in the cycle of birth and death endlessly because they’re not determined in the path leading to Nirvana. . Make destination=0 . After we’ve been lost in the cycle of Samsara for so long, it’s about time we land at Nirvana. Be firm on your target. Nothing can change our destination. Go for it! . Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon Source: Selected from Word from Master “How important is the foundation of merit?” April 25, 2018

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