Ignorance Crisis

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


Due to the mass of dark energy covering the world extensively from the developments of electricity system up to the internet system, the ignorance crisis is caused. It is the crisis of enticement which human is unable to realize since they are very "thick" with delusions attached in emotional knots; having a high self-ego that is difficult to let go. The delusions that can be seen clearly are the attachments to happiness and suffering, holding on to happiness without trying to understand the law of impermanence, as well as, immersing into suffering without trying to understand the principle of cause and factor. One must reap what one has sown.

A clear example of indulgence is adhering to the possession of one's own body without being aware of the truth that this body is only a place for the mind to live in. We cannot own anything, even our body. We cannot order it not to get old, sick or die. We all have death as treasure. We are forced to return everything that we built and gained. We are forced to leave beloved things and obsessions created by emotions from the beginning, being blown away till the last breath, "cannot take anything but will grasp and hold on to it to the end". If not infatuation, what else would you call it?

Being obsessive about pampering oneself with things, cosmetics, skin care, up to cosmetic surgery industry that many surgeons chose to use as a lame excuse to do surgery to increase confidence of a person instead of using surgery to help victims in accidents who want to have a place to stand in society. From the initial surgery went onto an unstoppable addiction to surgery, becoming a person who is obsessed with his own appearance, developed into showing off on IG via Selfie system. Many have developed narcissistic behavior and showed off who they are. Instead of sharing good stories in normal life. Showing off leads to competition and unstoppable behavior affecting the mind to be restless toward the number of Likes and showing oneself off in public. These have led to a trend of criticism. Some criticized with jealousy, some criticized by believing in false information leading to heedlessness in committing sin easily utilizing smartphones. The culture of rude words disdaining others spreaded into imitating behavior and developed into the custom of condemning instantly at the moment of dissatisfaction without any thinking or consideration.

Since the intoxications are this dark and so much that they have become an ignorance crisis, it is hard for the mind to realize without a person knowing how to purify the mind. Clinging to happiness and immersing in suffering are the ultimate infatuation.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: The Book “Awakening from Madness Volume 1”

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