Karmic Retaliators and the Rules of Spiritual World

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Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


No one can stop the way of karma.

When it is time to receive the consequence, be prepared with endurance. One reaps what one has sown.

When the fruit of karma shows its result, it also means if one takes the effort to do good deeds, one will also surely receive the good result.

Karma never takes sides, only chooses its timing. Karma is always fair, only humans that are not being fair toward the consequences.


When a person commits bad deeds, it will occur to be a karma hidden deep inside the mind similar to data or a chip hidden in the mind of what has been done. Additionally, appending with the embedded or vengeful retaliators leading to heavier weight of the mind. Unless the retaliators forgive and withdraw from revenge, there will be left only the code of karma from the past leading to a little more lightened mind. When it’s time to face the consequence, it will be less severe. Therefore, when one cannot escape the rules of nemesis, in order to lessen the severity of karma, if one took effort on good deeds and sincerely repent from one's mistake and make up with good deeds equivalent to action exploited others in the past and devote the merit to repay the debt of karma so the retaliators would become merciful and forgiving.


To make the retaliators forgive, the merit needs to be equivalent to the sin committed. For example, sin from killing someone mercilessly then later the person repented and went to give alms to monks and devoted the merit does not count as equivalent since the merit occurred from doing so is the merit of giving away assets which is unable to change the life status of the retaliators. It is different from the merit devoted to the retaliators from vipassana meditation practice with absolute perseverance as the merit from vipassana is a merit that can lift up the soul. This is because it is the merit that can enhance the life of the meditator himself in the future. When devoting this merit to the retaliators, their souls will be able to enter a virtuous stream leading to the change in life status such as from being an animal turning into even an angel. When the soul of the retaliators received the enhancement in life, they would surely forgive.


Giving an apology to anyone should not base on one's own benefit, thinking of the unwillingness to receive the sin, afraid of karma but never look back how much pain one did to others. If one does not repent then who will forgive him, unless being truly repented and giving the apology from the heart and using sincere words in addition to the merit devotion from the practice to repay, the retaliators would surely be merciful.


Whoever is addicted to saying the word "Ahosi" (forgive me), please change and reconsider because if not repenting from the heart, the more severe the consequences will be, as doing so multiplies the anger of vengeance for the retaliators.


May our carelessness this time be the last mistake in life. Diligently make efforts to do good deeds with meditation practice as to build the cause for us to receive the result of being the winner who conquers oneself permanently without ever coming back to this cycle of rebirth again.


Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: Selected from “Karmic Retaliators and the Rules of Spiritual World” from the book Awaken from Madness Volume 1


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"No one can obstruct the way of karma.

Due to the dark blindness

Today we are in pain.

Karma is always fair,

But only humans

That are not being fair toward the consequences."


Translation: Napassakorn Oveerawong

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