Mindfulness Training

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Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Mindfulness is a mental quality of being aware of your action. It is the practice to be in the present moment. Your mind should focus on the activity in front of you, not wandering away. So the mind will be still to perform any activities effectively and efficiently.

There are two types of mindfulness: right mindfulness and wrong mindfulness. The right mindfulness is a wholesome mind, being aware of good actions, not causing trouble to others in making one’s living. Wrong mindfulness is an unwholesome mind, being aware of bad actions, causing trouble to others such as a well-planned robbery.

Therefore, practicing mindfulness alone doesn’t really bring us inner peace and harmony. It’s only temporarily peaceful during the time of meditation. Once we stop meditating, the impurity (Kilesa) still spins our mind as usual but in a lesser degree. This is because the well-trained mind will be quickly aware when it gets spinned and will not carelessly break the precepts or make a false step out of the path of virtue.


To encounter the ultimate happiness, it requires consciousness and mind purification (also known as Vipassana or Insight meditation). The mental impurity causing wrong mindfulness leads our life to the cycle of illusion. It deceives us to enjoy the happiness of which we feel we never get enough. We feel the life never gets fulfilled because our mind gets spinned with cravings and aversions

Effective mindfulness training requires to complete 3 stages.

1. Sitting meditation (Anapanasati)

2. Walking meditation

3. Mind training of every body-movement, except sleeping

To achieve mindfulness training, we need to practice all stages. Every stage of practice will support each other. Focusing on one stage of practice would not be good and not recommended as it is ineffective.


As a human, you can define your own destiny no matter how past Karma you were born with. The important thing is how you choose to spend the rest of your life. Would you let it flow in the cycle of miseries or would you resist to reform yourself? Karma determines the life. Past Karma could not be changed. So make sure your new Karma made is good because you yourself will bear the all the result of Karma.

Source: Partially taken from 5000s Magazine Vol.25


Translators: Pimchanok Thanitsond, Kanokros Phalakornkul

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