Online Life and Rule of Life

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

The world has advanced with new technological innovations resulting in a new life pattern ranging from economy, business, society to life-path aspects. Sometimes, living in the modern innovative society, we may get deceived that Karmic-law is no longer worrying or frightening anymore as the world has progressed into this era. ... Do not get trapped into this misconception though. All lives have certain criterion to obtain their beings. Obtaining a status of human being is caused by having some degree of morality in mind. No matter how luxury of life pattern is, our morality quality in mind always gets tested by this worldly convention. The technology has not changed the fact that good and bad deeds we accumulate are the indicator of life’s destiny for now and future. The mind is the leader of everything. An individual is subject to the Karmic-law of actions -- whether online or offline, secretly or openly, in the air or on the earth – he commits. ... How does karmic consequence follow the life? Most people may not be aware that the mind is an energy current. The energy is never extinct but is transformed. Additionally, a part of mind called “Sankhara” or subconscious mind will act as a repository of karmic-code. No matter where or when we have an unwholesome thought, even a tiny portion of minute, it will get recorded in the Sankhara. By clicking “Like” or “Share” or passing on bad words, people can do good or bad deeds instantly. Therefore, slow it down. Take your time to contemplate carefully. The life may fall down the chasm because of rushing. .

I was once asked whether any merit was made when donating via an ATM machine. The answer is that when we focus our mind to give that property of ours to others, the mind records the ownership and the doing. The mind links to that online donation via the fine energy wave. Next is to wait for good results of that good action to become fruitful. But making donation by oneself to a noble Sangha is better than online because one gets to believe in, has more faith in and feels more delighted in the giving, resulting in more merit power. On top of that, seeing with own eyes that the own property is actually given away will ease off the tight attachment to the property.


Hence, people in the old time managed to make merits with or to pay respect to a holy monk, rather than reading about him in a book. To go to see is to take oneself to be close to such Holiness. Thai people are online the most in the world. Do not let this fake world deceive us until we forget the ultimate truth--the rule of life--the rule of good and bad that drives our fates.

.. Between October 31- November 3, I will teach vipassana in the South at Saeng Dhamma Bodhiyan Center locating in tambon Baanpru, amphur Hadyai, Songkhla province. Anyone in the nearby provinces may come to listen to Dhamma on the last day at 14:00 hrs. Contact Mr.Vivat at 065-359-6549 for the direction.


And between November 15-18, I will travel to pay respect to the virtuous monk Sanchai Jittapalo and the Sangha at Lanhinpamoke Vipaasana Center in Surin province, and will teach a special vipassana course. On Sunday the 18th, I will have a Dhamma preaching to the North Easterners at 8:00 hrs. Please contact the nun Duangmanee directly at 065-394-3402 for those wanting to attend the course or listening to the preaching.


For my page followers who want to meet me offline and get to slow down life on a slow life path with a heartfelt Dhamma, be invited to the South and to the North East.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon October 30, 2018. ..

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SLOW DOWN Online life doesn’t make sin and unwholesomeness disappear. Instead, it simply accelerates the result of sin if without contemplation. Merit and sin are indicator of life’s destiny. Luxurious innovations cannot change this rule. Do not rush and be forceful, such that the life-rule is forgotten. Slow it down and occasionally live the life on the basis of nature.

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Translated by Peeraphong Chearanai, Kanokros Phalakornkul

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