Our Own Karma

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


Everyone is born with a karmic influence. We, therefore, should not be “too” discouraged when the karmic retribution arises (such as in a form of poverty). This is because it is impossible not to feel discouraged at all for ordinary humans who still have Kilesa (defilement), they will still feel it. However, don’t let your mind tumble down. We should compose ourselves and try to think where we can create wealth. We actually create wealth from all of the merits we have made especially those we’ve made with strong faith, determination and sacrifice or the great ones which may uplift lives by recalling them and then pray for what we desire or getting out of undesirable events we are facing.

The merit gaining from vipassana meditation for paying homage to the Buddha and all dhamma teachers is the great one.

The merit through sacrificial giving for Buddhism is the great one.

The merit earning from meditation for the country is the great one.

The merit through repaying benefactors’ kindness is also the great one.

We are all heirs of our own merits, don’t be too discouraged and keep your mind firm. Merits always bring good results. You reap what you sow. Furthermore, there are ways to accelerate good results not only in the worldly life but also in the spiritual life.

Praying on all merits you have made to help you get out of suffering. When making a wish, you do not need to recall all of the great merits, only think about the great merit with true sacrifice and its results would happen in the same way as you wish.

For example, if you wish for the wealth that you should have, you should recall the merits you made by giving alms. On the contrary, if you wish for a longer live, you should recall the ones gaining from vipassana meditation.

May all of you overcome all obstacles in life.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

An excerpt from Master’s words April 1st 2021.

Translator: Pathitta Kawinchutipat

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