Praising Thai

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Wearing Thai apparel gives a tender feeling. Seriously speaking, what I want to say is the merits resulting from the continuation of good cultures and traditions. May I repeat that there must be “good" otherwise a tradition without the essence or leading to infatuation is not good.

Praising uniqueness and Thai arts and cultures is an act of protecting the nation since the core of the nation consists of people living their lives in accordance with their own traditions that lead to the creation of their identity. Arts, traditions and cultures are what unite people constructing a nation. Then there were settings of borders and establishing symbols such as the national flag.

Therefore, continuing and praising cultures without any disdaining thoughts is a meritorious action in the matter of having a right view (Dituchukham), not doing the opposite of all virtue. It is a merit that occurs within the mind of a person and that person is to obtain a high status such as being a leader, a graceful person, being respected and always receiving opportunities in life.

We may never have thought just by picking Thai clothing to wear, how would it become meritorious? It is as explained earlier. For any colonization, the first thing Farangs (Westerners) will do is to destroy the culture and language by infiltration. The natives used Farang's language and slowly engulfed the native race. Then, when people of that nation have no gratitude toward their own heritage and cultures, thinking better of other nations, ethnic races will become extinct.

Officially there are indications for nationality and citizenship. Nationality is one's own ethnicity. Citizenship shows where one was born. If being Thai but was born in the USA, the person is considered an American citizen, but the nationality is still Thai. If they are able to destroy the race then the nation will be engulfed leading to a minority status. In the end, they will not have their own land and need to follow the rules of that country. When there's no land, there's no remaining culture. Needing to follow and do what they said not to, is truly an extinction of a race.

Therefore, keeping Thai traditional culture yields more complex results than we think. The praising of culture is another way to protect the nation. If we wear Thai Sarong or Thai dress with the intention to glorify the culture not knowing it's meritorious, would even be more meritorious than wearing them for beauty. Nonetheless, wearing for beauty would still be meritorious since it shows the mind is not looking down on the goodness of traditions and cultures inherited from the ancestors.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: Words from Master, 30 March 2021

Translated by: Napassakorn Oveerawong

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