Reflecting the Mind with Dhamma

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


The old year passed. It’s time to reflect on life thoroughly. Not only do human fall victim to the chessboard game of their own lives, but also to the political economic chessboards, as well as to the world’s happenings. Our life is one part and we are still into other’s lives as well. It’s one game on top of another, causing us to commit bad deeds for the matters that are not ours

As crucial as learning is, the realization that the mind accumulates both good and bad actions (positive and negative energies) in the sub-conscious level is equally important. What’s done is done. You cannot change the past nor turn back the clock. The reason why people cannot attain spiritual enlightenment because they fall victim to their own actions and get trapped in the world’s current. Some people came to know themselves better. Some encountered great loss. Regardless of what you have been through: beaten by storms of life, smiling to success, or taking a standing ovation. Good days. Bad days. It doesn’t matter. This too shall pass.

May everything that’s happened in life gives us clearer wisdom, makes us wiser and stronger, and that we have power to fight with the power of the defilements in our mind more. May all the events that occurred in life, long or short term, teach us not to be attached in a trap of our own emotions. If something needs to be done according to the set objective, may the actions be for supporting oneself and others not leading to more attachment in things.

Step back from yourself as far as possible to see what needs to be fixed, maintained, and improved. Review your different roles in life; duty as parents, offspring, duty to family and to workplace. Does anyone feel left out and lonely because of your procrastination or lack of life balance?

Being alive means having a chance to rectify.

Being alive means having a chance to build perfections (Barami).

Do not let it slip away.

Live for yourself and share values in life with others.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: Master Blog Column, 5000s Magazine, Volume 35

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