What Makes a Soul Return to Rebirth

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

“Mind is in the body, and the body is the mind.” It is a saying that people often misunderstand. The mind is in wherever the feeling occurs; therefore, from fingertip to the crown of our head located the mind. As the mind dwells in the body, and every part of the body is where the mind locates, the mind and body are connected and considered oneness.

The mind has the power to control the physical body to act, speak, or think. Accordingly, the consequences of the actions following the influence of the mind will result in the physical body as well. When the physical body naturally deteriorates until passing away, the mind has to leave the body, and the karmic fruit of past deeds will be a karmic code to determine which realm the mind will go to—heaven, hell, or middle earth.

Where are we after death?

An answer to this simple question is often “to be born in heaven or hell depending on the past deeds”. In fact, there is a more detailed principle about the place the mind will go to.

First of all, the last state of mind at the moment of death will be the first state of mind navigating the next rebirth. Although one may have done so many good deeds but still have bad deeds stamped in the mind, his mind can go directly to a lower realm. At the very last moment, the mind will become weak and weary like one who does not sleep all night. If the bad karma accumulated from the past and attached in one’s mind has strong power, and one happens to think and fear its consequences, the mind that cannot resist the power of negative energy will go straight to bear the consequences in the hell realm.

Therefore, the way to set the mind at the last moment of life is to think about good and holy things such as Buddha, Arahants, or Nirvana, which will increase the chance to firstly be born in the higher realm before it is time to receive the awaiting bad consequences.

This is a basic principle of how the karmic force can influence life after death. Whether being born as a human being, in heaven, or lower realms is all driven by the karma accumulated in one’s own mind.

However, people nowadays become more ignorant of doing good deeds, but rather asking for good results. They have never dedicated themselves for others and even lack gratitude towards their motherland and religion. Sadly, it is a careless life indeed.

From: 5000s Magazine Issue 7

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