"Supposedly Fictional"

Supposing... One day, illness comes, with it brings the pain One day, loss of loved one comes, dead or alive. One day, success becomes failure. One day , fortune and praise disappear. One day, death takes us from this world. Whatever you hold on to, even a single coin, cannot be taken. .. But.. This is not supposed to be a fiction. It is a true story that reveals the impermanence of all things. Therefore you should strive for Dhamma practice, To gain wisdom in dealing with all sufferings, On the day that all the fictional truths Become the truth.

One time in the Buddha era, Buddha said to the young man who came in tears to ask him to perform a ritual to send his father's spirit to heaven. In reply, the Buddha said, "Your father is dead. What can I do?" .. His words gives a great lesson; when he was alive, why didn't he strive for goodness and stop committing a sin? What did he spend on while still in the world? Why does he now need the ritual after he's dead? People often lead a careless life, indulging in pleasures, lured by the illusion without paying attention to Buddha's teachings which involve keeping the Five Precepts, doing good deeds, and purifying the mind. Staying away from sinful acts is to not add more karma to yourself. Practicing Vipassana meditation is to release the mind from grievances. To be free from the cycle of birth, old age, sickness, and death. .. Do not view the inevitable truth as a fiction Because we are the ones who will face the truth.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon 8 August 2018

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