“Survival Kits for Thais”

Words from Master

In this difficult time, everybody either rich or poor is suffering. While a lot of people are giving supports to hospitals, I’d like to assist those who really need help but hardly receive anything as they are not in the employment system or the social security system.


The problem of these people is the lack of earning for their living and survival.

Earnings mean the money that a person receives regularly for his basic living. But money for survival means only a small amount that is just enough for food in the most difficult time.

Now the government has issued various measures leading to business shutdown and standstill in many places and eventually it may be up to 24-hour curfew while assistance for people has not been promptly prepared. At this point, the poor are in extremely difficult condition. It takes time for them to receive supports from the government due to the process and system. And a lot of people may not get help. Some are now getting food from temples. But what about those who stay far away from temples or those who have children waiting at home? Even if they want to work, they can’t because no one is hiring. The empty streets we see now actually means the emptiness in people’s life – they have no food. Although some people offer help to the poor, such help cannot reach everyone who is suffering.

Seeing such difficulties, we have planned to set up a survival fund for our fellow citizens. It’s not the earnings for them as that is beyond our capacity. But it will be a survival kit for those in need and they will receive it through delivery system which is still functional.

I’ve discussed with some students and come up with the idea of survival kit – a package with following items and cost:

1. 1 pack of instant noodle (10 bags) = 60 baht

2. 1 pack of canned fish (3 cans @17.50 baht) = 52.50 baht

3. 1kg of rice = 65 baht (if we pack by ourselves, it will cost 53 baht)

4. 1 pack of salted eggs (5 eggs) = 57 baht

5. 1 pack of instant porridge (5 bags@16 baht) = 80 baht

6. 1 pack of Ovaltine 3in1 (5 bags) = 42 baht

7. 1 pack of snacks (3bags@10 baht) = 30 baht

8. 200 baht cash (for additional rice or cooking gas)

Total cost for this package is 586.50 baht.

Cost for box (D size) = 8.25 baht

Cost for delivery by Flash = 45 baht (for Sunday delivery, before 3:00 p.m., cost is reduced by 40% = 27 baht)

I’m planning for two delivery systems:

1. Internal delivery – we will get the name list of those in need from our students who will help send this survival kit by themselves.

2. Announcement via FB 5000s magazine – those who need help or know the people who need help can contact us directly.

The fund for this program is coming from:

1. We have an initial fund donated by my family and the amount of 140,000 baht donated by some students when we announced the financial support for our students in the beginning of the crisis. Therefore, this amount will be included to this new survival kit program.

2. We will take the budget from School of Life Foundation and Knowing Buddha Foundation. It is the reserve for the billboards rental for which we managed to postpone the payment for 4-5 months for this emergency program.

3. We will announce the program to public for their support.

This is the fund we will have for the program “Survival Kits for Thais”. It will be announced in our FB by 5:00 p.m. today. Students who would like to join this great offering for our nation, please transfer the amount to the bank account of School of Life Foundation: Kasikorn Bank # 003-2-41586-7

For students who would like to bring these kits to people in need, please contact us via Inbox. https://m.me/5000sMagazine

At this moment, Khun Daranee has prepared 150 boxes ready for delivery by tomorrow. Additional kits will be arranged upon request.


This time of difficulty is an opportunity for us to repay our nation and our fellow citizens who are also in the same cycle of suffering.

Thank you for participating in the charity. Although the amount is not big, it is greatly virtuous. Giving to fellow humans in their desperate time is both material gift and Dhamma gift as we express the Four Sublime States of Mind: loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.


May you all prosper and be safe from all kinds of danger.


Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

April 4, 2020

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