The Cycle of Samsara

. When we talk about rebirth, most people do not really believe in it. So I would like to explain this matter in terms of energy that is from scientific viewpoint.

Everything in this world is energy, either coarse or fine. Some are visible while some are not. There are various kinds of energy such as heat, water, kinetic, magnetic, gravity, and many more. A human body is made up of energy - one portion of earth element and three portions of water element plus the mind or soul that drives the body to function.

Mind is a very powerful energy. It works like a computer chip, storing memories and feelings that come to a person’s mind, then creating emotions; likes, dislikes or neutrality. Later on, these emotions evolve into obsession, hatred, greed, and so on, all of which are negative current that weighs down the mind.

It is most likely that people do not just keep these negative thoughts in their minds but express them through physical and verbal acts. For example, when they are angry, they react to it. But the anger does not vanish, it sinks into their subconscious minds. When they die, their minds leave their bodies and return to the energy form. For each death, the mind energy becomes heavier due to the effect of their negative thoughts and actions.

Based on the law of gravity, heavy objects are pulled down. Likewise, heavy minds are pulled toward the energy current of the universe and keep circling in the cycle of birth and death in various realms, depending on the type of energy they have accumulated in their subconscious minds. This is the law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow.

Energy never disappears. It just changes its form. Birth and death are actually the transformation of energy depending on one’s deeds. Good deeds bring good state of transformation while bad deeds lead to bad consequences. Those who intentionally commit bad deeds will receive severe karmic retribution which could last for a long time.

Here’s an example of one previous life of the Buddha which reflects the grave karmic results…

The Buddha was once born as a son of a goldsmith. Although he could have any woman he wanted as he was very good-looking and skillful in goldsmithing, he fell in love with a married woman. In order to be with her, he made an elaborate plan to be with her by disguising himself as a woman to get into her house. With the help of his friend who kept her husband away, he stayed with her for three months.

Adultery is the breach of the 3rd Buddhist Precept. When he died, he was reborn in various miserable realms, human and nonhuman, and endured immense sufferings in every birth.

After ‘serving his karmic terms’ for uncountable lifetimes, he was reborn as Prince Siddhartha who finally attained enlightenment and became Gautama Buddha.

Nobody is above law the karma, not even the Buddha. The only way to prevent ourselves from falling prey to our ignorance is to end the cycle of rebirth.

You have to refrain from sinful acts, do good deeds, and purify your mind from all impurities; i.e. greed, hatred. and delusion. When the mind is purified, it will be weightless and free from gravity force. Then we will no longer return to the world’s energy current, ending the cycle of Samsara for good.

Vipassana Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

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