The One-eyed Man

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


The Lord Buddha has said about humans with one eye or one-eyed men are those who have wisdom only to find wealth but not Dhamma, only think about traveling around the world without making a plan to exit the cycle of Samsara. One-eyed men are easy to find but two-eyed men are those who have the wisdom to find both wealth and Dhamma are very hard to find. The Lord Buddha has categorized persons into 3 types; the blind, one-eyed men, and two-eyed men. The blind is those who have no wisdom to search for both wealth and Dhamma.

A field of life is full of one-eyed men, they’re everywhere you look. You only see the word business. Advertising boards are all about business with big skyscrapers, pictures from the news or any other activities that have passed our eyes are all full of the word business. It’s full of searches and crazy struggles. The richer the persons are, the crazier they’ll be. Everybody wants to be powerful and rule the world. Have they ever realized only for a quick moment in their minds that the lives they are running and running, they will have less and less time left on earth? When they look at the priests or making merit; have they ever realized the Lord Buddha has taught us about how to access the Four Noble Truths, taught us to let go of lust not looking at a Buddha image then the minds are closed to only paying homage to it, to answer the desires of one own lust and the never-ending challenges, though life has an ending date to it.

To be born as human is the only opportunity to free us from the cycle of birth and death. To see the truth of life, death, old age, and sickness is the opportunity to wake up to find the exit. We should look for the exit now. The world where defilements have turned things upside down, making humans think of the anti-aging process when looking at the elderly as well as all other out of this world plastic surgery; thinking about taking vitamins and supplements when looking at the sick. They are not preparing themselves for the impermanence of the body. When looking at the dead, they think when they die, it will be a nice peaceful death. They even request to die beautifully; preparing a dress to wear in the coffin but never thought of going to hell. When meeting monks or Buddha images, they only think what wishes should they ask from them or ask them for guidance on how to completely remove karma so they can go on entertaining themselves.

This is a human with one eye, having only wisdom to search for wealth but lack of wisdom to take himself away from sufferings.

Are we still a one-eyed man, are we strong enough to go against the defilements and open our eyes to follow the path the Lord Buddha has pointed or let our lives drown?

Shall we wake up? The end of one-eyed man is the endless life in the sea of Samsara. Those who cannot retain nobility in their minds will keep falling down.

The failure to pull oneself to the higher place despite possessing human existence will only leave nothing for the person except to surrender to what he wrongly calls “fate”.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: Selected from Across the Sea of Samsara Column, 5000s Magazine, Volume 8.

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