“The Power of Resolution”


The Noble Path that Buddha guided us is of tremendous value. If we can keep doing good deeds despite any difficulty we face, when good karma pays off, it will be very powerful, long-lasting, and thriving. Especially for the good deed that is hard to do and involves with many mental and bodily challenges, we have to put in all mental, verbal, and bodily effort for it to be successfully complete. That weight of wholesome deed is the cultivation of great virtue for it to break through and destroy the dark force or barrier. With firmness in virtue, once the good karma is fully ripe, it will bear fruit to an inestimable extent.


The power of resolution has dramatic effect in both sides. Being resolute to commit a sin will drastically bring about a harsh outcome. In contrast, being resolute to do a good deed will tremendously yield a beneficial fruit.


Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


Source: Selected from Master’s Words “Climb up to the Destination” 25 June 2020

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