The Valuable Present

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


Suffering might occur when you compare yourself with others but never consider the different factors or merit that each person has cultivated. Mountains are not gently beautiful like flowers while flowers are not eminent and do not look strong like mountains. But both of them have value in their own way.

All beings in this world have different characteristic due to the difference in the accumulation of mental formation. Thus, we should not compare ourselves with others since it might bring suffering to ourselves. We just have to understand and accept these differences. Then the sadness will be less. We should keep doing good deeds and develop our virtue by truly observing the five percepts. These are important fundamental of our life that will not increase suffering to ourselves and will bring us to sustainable happiness…

Although the shell cannot be changed, the mind can be. Do not be lured or give value to the shell, that is physical body and status, until you forget to give value to your true feeling deep inside.

Take some time off to look outside. And also take care of your mind. Then, purify your gloomy mind with Dhamma. This will be the valuable new year present for your mind which has been wandering for so long in this cycle of rebirth.

So you will find true happiness.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: An excerpt from “The Valuable Present” FB Page 5000s ข้ามห้วงมหรรณพ กับอ. อัจฉราวดี วงศ์สกล 28 December 2018

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