Things You Should Know, But You Don’t

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Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

It is true about “fortune” that most people would think it is the matter of being rich. But that is just the effect of well-giving in the past, not the real fortune yet.

The greatest fortune is to meet the teacher who will bring one free from suffering, the most excellent teacher of the universe, the Buddha, followed by teachers who have high virtues in descending order. Only by meeting them, one can free their mind from the cycle of rebirth and end karma that one has accumulated over many lives.

Some have met them already but were obstructed by the karmic path and were carried away. This made them seek for the path endlessly. Due to carelessness, some even committed sins towards their own teacher. Some could not decide upon a path to practice and eventually got lost. They then would not be able to end their karma and be free from suffering.

For fortune to meet the right teacher, most people often don’t think of that as fortune. When fortune is depleted and getting lost in the circle of bad people or those who don’t have true virtues with no way to liberate themselves only then they realize about their fortune, but it is already too late. Karma and fortune are intricately related. To have fortune is to just meet the true teacher, which can be any monks or masters from any paths of practicing. Once considering that the mode of practice, conduct and teachings are the right path for you, keep walking until the end. Don’t be irresolute because there will be no progress. Once the mind settles down, you have to go all the way through. Don’t let Kilesa (impurities) fool you. If you have already done good deeds, even though you are very far away, fortune will bring you to meet your teacher. If you have fortune but are careless or arrogant and have high ego, your fortune can also be quickly gone. Fortune can be depleted if you do not extend it. No one can deny the karmic path. When it is the time for you to receive retribution, be prepared with patience. Because of your own blindness, you have to suffer today. And when the consequence of your action is clearly noticeable, it is also certain that if you persist in creating good karma, good karma will definitely take effect. Karma will result without choosing a side, but only choose for the right time. Karma is always fair, but we are the ones who are unfair to karmic results. People like to choose a side, but karma can go to any side. So, please be firm in doing good deeds.

These are the things you should know, and today you really have to know them if you wish to be free from karma and the cycle of rebirth. Source: Excerpted from the teaching “Things You Should Know, But You Don’t.” Translation: Samroeng Thongrong, Patcharanan Laopimolpan

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